About Us

Welcome! Here at Jooy (sounds like ‘joy’), our mission is to help non-techie online sellers create an online store without complicated code or customization chaos.

What is Jooy?

Jooy provides user-friendly e-commerce platform for causal online sellers. Without any coding knowledge, anyone can use our store design system to create a personalized and mobile-friendly online store in a super simple way.

Jooy’s complete hosted platform enables retailers to start the online business without setup their own server, which normally cost few thousands of development cost.

Once you signed up on Jooy, you can start uploading your product and focus on selling their products!

How much does it cost?

We offer different pricing plans starting from “Free” to fit your needs and budget. Also, we don’t charge for any additional handling fee or transaction fee.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

We love to receive your feedback. You may reach us at info@jooy.com, or simple fill out our online contact us form.

You can learn more from our blog, or keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Ready to sell?

We’re so sure you’ll love the Jooy experience that we invite you to try our online store creator at no cost.

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